Filimundus is a game studio in Stockholm dedicated to making really great games for children between 3 to 10 years old. We believe children games can be both inspiring and empowering. Since we started in 2009 we have created apps based on established characters, such as Pippi Longstocking and Pettson and Findus, as well as several characters of our own. We are a happy team with sharp focus on delivering high quality games.


Unity Game Developer

We are now expanding our team in order to create more children’s games and are seeking an experienced Game Developer with thorough Unity knowledge.

You will be a part of a very experienced team and you will be involved in the whole process from thinking about game concepts, develop prototypes and create the game and continuous support. It is important for us that you can be agile, that you have a keen interest in developing for different platforms and that you are very skilled in Unity. It is also important for us that you really, really like creating games for kids. It is what we are passionate about.

What we are looking for in you:

• You have to be passionate about creating games!

• Documented experience of at least 2 years of game development

• Knowledge in creating iOS and Android games

• Thorough experience in developing in Unity

• Overall knowledge in programming and technology

• Experience in creating scalable, high quality code

• Work effectively in a team, able to be open minded and curious

• Comfortable in documenting code and producing technical documents


• Game development in Unity with C#

• Knowledge about other scripting/programming language

• Knowledge in mobile, cross-platform development

Where to apply

A resume or CV is great but what is most important for us is that you tell us as much as you can about who you are, things important for you in a workplace and what you have done in the past you are really proud of. Also important for us is what you know about us and why you want to work with us. If you have a working demo/app for what you have done in the past, even if it wasn’t published, is also very helpful for us.

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